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  1. New Facebook Intro Video Launched
  2. Womens Football comes to South Woodham Ferrers
  3. Under 11 Sapphires reach Presidents Cup Finals
  4. Paul Walker Award – April 2018
  5. SSE Wildcats Sessions Start 21st March

​Respect is the collective responsibility of everyone in football to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place. It is the behavioural code for football.

The most important message of the Respect programme is that real and lasting change will come about not through the intervention of the Football Authorities but from everyone in football taking collective responsibility to promote what is good in the game and deal with that which diminishes it.

  • R: Respect – The need to show respect and acknowledge the rights of other players, coaches, referees and officials. Be courteous to your opponents coach.
  • E: Equality – The need to provide opportunities to everyone no matter age, ability, gender, race and religion. i.e. Encourage girls as well as boys.
  • S: Sporting and fair play – The need to keep to the rules and spirit of the game, to reject bullying, harassment, abuse and violence and promote honesty on or off field. i.e. deal with players who retaliate. Report racism.
  • P: Peoples welfare – The need to place the needs and interests of people above everything else, Inc the outcome of the match. i.e. get to know your players and meet their needs
  • E: Example – The acknowledgement of the influence in football in young people and to set a positive example at all times. i.e. be punctual and well prepared.
  • C: Community – The need to recognise the feelings of the football and wider community in consulting and making decisions. i.e. listening and engagement.
  • T: Trust – The need to promote honesty. Maintain a professional relationship with every player
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